Why are you counting reads per week of the Daily Snow?
We want to encourage our most frequent readers to support us directly by subscribing to All-Access. Upgrade here 

If I don’t subscribe, can I still read the Daily Snow for free?
Yes, you can read 4 complimentary Daily Snow posts each week. About 90% of people read 4 or fewer Daily Snow posts each week, so the majority of people (including you?!) will continue to read for free.

When does your weekly counter reset?
The counter resets each week at 12:00 am on Monday.

If I read an old Daily Snow, does that count as a “read”?
Definitely not. We only count a “read” if you view a Daily Snow within 18 hours of when it is published. If you read an older post (or happen to see an older post while waiting for the latest update to be published), it won’t count as a read.

Are reads counted for all Daily Snows?
We have a few sponsored Daily Snows for which we will NOT count "reads" during the 2020-2021 season. This includes the Daily Snows for Big Sky, Mountain Collective, Squaw/Alpine, Steamboat, and Winter Park.

Doesn't OpenSnow make enough money on advertising so that Daily Snows can stay free?
We do make money on advertising (as well as subscriptions). We appreciate the over 100 advertisers that trust us to spread their message each season and wouldn’t be in business without them. Our goal is for our most ardent readers to support us directly via a subscription and more casual readers will continue to freely enjoy the Daily Snow on an ad-supported basis.

But, I hate this. I have loved OpenSnow and now this really makes me mad.
We are sorry you feel that way, really, we are. OpenSnow’s products have evolved a LOT in 10 years (tons of new features and technology) and the business is evolving as well. Our goal is to be around for decades to come and to have a business model that brings in enough money to support innovation and top-notch service. Nudging the 10% most frequent readers to subscribe seems logical and is also what many other media companies have done over the last few years.

Ok, fine. How much does All-Access cost and what's included?
Our All-Access Group subscription for four people costs $39.99 per year which works out to just under $10 / person / year if you have a group of four. There is also a $29.99 per year option for one person. Along with reading unlimited Daily Snow posts, there are 15+ other features including 10-day forecasts, high-resolution maps, and customized powder alerts. See the full feature list here.

I have questions and/or just want to vent.
Email [email protected] and a real human will respond to your questions and read your thoughts. We sincerely appreciate the chance to have a conversation via email and are open to any feedback and advice that you wish to share.

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